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What is Just To Say Cards?

As life tentatively gets back to normal it's becoming clear that the days of everyone gathering in the office every day are gone. We're in a world where some people will be officed based, others permanently remote, and many will find a balance between the two, but it's essy to see that teams will rarely be all gathered together in one place at the same time.

Just To Say Cards is an online, collaborative platform for helping teams feel more connected, by celebrating key life events and work milestones: people joining and leaving, a promotion, a birthday, a wedding, a baby and more.

How does Just To Say Cards work?

A Just To Say card is like a virtual bulletin board of messages, gifs and photos. Choose a theme which suits the recipient then invite an unlimited number of team mates to add their own personal messages.

About the company

Just To Say Cards is designed and developed by Simon Fletcher, who's old enough to know better, and based in Winchester, UK.

The idea came after Simon changed jobs twice during the UK's lockdown in 2021 and again in 2021 and witnessed first hand the emotional roller-coaster of leaving a job without an opportunity to say goodbye and starting a job without ever meeting your team mates. It launched in February 2022 after an unexpectedly long gestation period.


Just To Say cards has simple, flat pricing: $4.99 USD per card.

We use Stripe to handle payments, so you know they are secure.