Thank someone, wherever you all are

Whoever you want to say thank you to, and whyever you want to thank them, an online group card makes it easier.

Whether it's a colleague, a teacher, an essential worker or a family member you want to thank, an online group greeting card let's everyone contribute, wherever they might be.

You can choose a theme to personalise your card and get your whole class or team to contribute to the card and include GIFs and pictures that the recipient will love.

Whoever you want to say thank you to, our group greeting cards are the perfect way.

Team throwing colleague in the air to celebrate

Create It

Image - Create a card

Say who it's from and who it's to. Make the design your own.

Share It

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Share the link so everyone can add their personal message - including a photo or a funny gif if they want.

Send It

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Let us know when it needs to be delivered and we'll make sure it gets there on time.