A little bit about

Just To Say Cards

Hi, I'm Simon

I'm the founder, designer, developer and customer support at Just To Say Cards.

I'm UK born and bred but spent 13 years living in Sydney, Australia, before moving back to the UK in 2019. I'm now based in Winchester - the ancient capitol of England - though I've not lost the itch to live overseas again.

Whilst I was in Australia I spent a lot of time working with teams scattered across the country, or even the globe. We were in different time-zones and rarely met in person so worked hard to make everyone feel like they were all part of "one team"

That worked pretty well day-to-day, but I was never really happy with how we on-boarded and off-boarded people.

When we had a new office-based team member we'd walk them round the office and introduce them to everyone in the team, or maybe go get coffee together to give them a chance to get to know everyone.

And when they left we'd get everyone to sign a card and maybe have a collection to buy them a gift.

But that was harder to do for remote team members, so it didn't happen. They just started, or stopped, turning up at meetings.

And then March 2019 arrived and suddenly we're all working remotely. Making people feel connected just became much harder, and even more important.

And that's when the idea for Just To Say Cards was born.

I built Just To Say Cards to help remote teams welcome people, farewell them, and celebrate their big events. Wherever team members might be, Just To Say Cards can help them feel connected.

I hope I’ve achieved this, but I'm always looking for ways to improve it so feel free to drop me an email with any feedback or suggestions! You can find me on Twitter or drop me an email.